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Want to help Bozeman become better, not just bigger?

Being first in the nation in growth, and at the same time almost last in the nation in recycling, causes one to question the ability of Montana to stay the pristine "last best place" we cherish so dearly.

What if BYO Bag for Change and the simple step to sustainability of using one's own bag became a symbol of hope for change, leading us all the way to a sustainable, zero-waste community?

What if many stores in Bozeman saw the value of being the best stewards possible of our planet by rewarding customers who are doing the right thing, by giving reusable bag refunds, and participating in a local grant funding program where customers can donate their change to sustainability causes?

What if all dedicated BYO Bag customers realized that if stores don't give them a $.05 or $.10 reusable bag refund, they are still paying for bags the stores pass out, because it is factored into the cost of groceries and goods?

Thus the status quo continues. The bags might be cheap, but the shipping costs, and labor cost to stock them are not. And the environmental costs are anything but cheap.

What is the value of impeccable stewardship of our planet? Priceless.

What would happen if many who care took the time to talk to local store managers? Not just grocery stores, but every store.

How many nickels and dimes could we, as a community ,raise in one day, if Bozeman was the first U.S. city to voluntarily reduce/eliminate single-use bags,

with a BYO Bag for Change program in every store?

If the customer is always right, and enough customers ask for it, stores will do it.

So please speak out and help make change for Nature's and for goodness sake.

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