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Online screening of "2040" tonight at 7 p.m.!

Dear Valley of the Flowers Project supporters,

There is so much to catch up on with Valley of the Flowers Project's progress in helping to create a better Bozeman, not just a bigger one, but today's blog is sharing the successes of other groups we are working with!

Please take the time to make your voice be heard to help make a difference in our community!

1.) On Monday, October 5 at 7pm, the City of Bozeman, Dee O Gee, Bozeman Film Celebration, and Gallatin Valley Earth Day present the film 2040, as an online streaming event.  Award-winning director Damon Gameau embarks on a journey to explore what the future could look like by the year 2040 if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us and shifted them rapidly into the mainstream.

Get inspired and watch the film 2040 !

After the film:

  • Find out about the Bozeman draft Climate Plan and how you can add your voice to the conversation! 

  • Join Claire Vlases and Miles McGeehan and learn about Bozeman High’s Solar Schools Club efforts to put solar panels on our schools.  

Register for this FREE online event now by going to Gallatin Valley Earth Day's Facebook page!

2.) Wednesday, October 7, from 9am-2pm, the Northern Plains Resource Council is holding its 2020 Soil Summit online! This event brings together farmers and ranchers, nonprofits, agency officials, and legislators from Montana and beyond! The Soil Summit will explore how policy and financing tools can promote soil health and the adoption of soil health practices.

3.) On 10/13/20 the City of Bozeman will award last of TOP grant funding, and the bike path from Bozeman to Belgrade needs it!

THIS bike path from Bozeman to Belgrade can continue its progress with your help!

Go to Gallatin Alliance for Pathways (GAP) website, http://WWW.FRONTAGEPATHWAY.COM, to get up to speed, then write to to add your voice to to this cause or use the link below :

It is also on Valley of the Flowers Project's Instagram. 

Please share it on yours as well! This Bozeman to Belgrade path is a boon to the city/county/state in many

ways for recreation and transportation, 

creating many economic and environmental benefits, and perfectly fits with the goals of the new Climate Plan the city just released. The city's soon to be awarded TOP grant funding is well deserved and much needed for the Frontage Pathway.

A 'YES' vote for the Frontage Pathway is a vote for a better Bozeman, not just a bigger one! Thank you for your support and get inspired to take action, 



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