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Similar to the M.U.D. tool and equipment rental and community center in Missoula,


ours will include sporting equipment which can be checked out for free in exchange for community service hours. Plus, many educational sustainability programs for all ages!

Zero Waste Grocery Store

Bring the Bins

The Valley of the Flowers Project, Bogert Farmers Market, and Bozeman Parks Dept. have teamed up to bring Bozeman's first recycling bins to our city parks. 6 parks are planned, with installation at 2 or more parks during the summer of 2017. 

Urban Food Forest Harvest

Participants will earn community service hours harvesting and processing the abundance of food growing throughout our community. Jam. jelly,juice, and dried fruits, will be donated to the landowners, food banks, schools, and sold to create funding.

Bozeman Urban Demonstration Depot

Future programs:

A store with no packaged foods might sound strange, but it is better for you and the planet!

Grants, investors, and employee owners will help make this the best store in Bozeman, with a shipping container "freight farm" parked outside, supplying fresh produce!

Grants for a glass pulverizer and food digester/municipal composter to create many green jobs, lots of compost for edible permaculture gardens throughout our community, and an educational center for conscious living . . .

...soon with your help.


photos: Freight Farms
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