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5 Years of BYO Bag for Change at Heeb's!

BYO Bag for Change is grateful to Heebs' owners, Mitch and Sherri Bradley, for their continued support of Valley of the Flowers Project's BYO Bag for Change.

So far this year, BYO Bag for Change has reduced the use of single-use bags by more than 10,000, and has raised $800 for the Warming Center, and the Learning Garden at the new Story Mill Park.

The current grant recipient, Gallatin Valley Farm to School, is hoping many BYO baggers will donate their $.05 reusable bag refunds this quarter through January, 31st, 2020.

Why haven't more stores joined this program? I approach every store I can every year, and guess what?

Rosauers said "YES" for a 3 month BYO Bag for Change trial starting in February, 2020! If they get a good customer response, they will continue the program.

What I see is that stores want to please their customers, and they will listen if customers ask for BYO Bag for Change.

The status quo will continue unless those who care about the legacy we are leaving for our grandchildren, and are already doing many things to live more sustainably, will take the time to talk to or write to store managers asking them to join BYO Bag for Change.

The power of our voices and our purses make a difference when many contribute.

If one Bozeman store can raise 10,000 nickels for community gardens, and other local causes, while also raising awareness about single-use plastics, what would happen if every store in town got on board?

Even if you don't live in this town, it matters to you if I can accomplish the goal of helping Bozeman become the first U.S. city to voluntarily eliminate single-use bags through a cooperative effort between businesses and consumers. This is a replicable model that will spread quickly to other communities once it is established here.
So, if you care as deeply as I do about better stewardship of this beautiful planet, please take 5 minutes to write a quick note to and that says something like, "BYO Bag for Change is a great program that can make a big difference in Bozeman if more stores like yours join the BYO Bag for Change community, a community that cares. Will your store be a part of the change, and participate in BYO Bag for Change in 2020?"
I will be at the next Co-op board meeting on Jan. 8th, and T and C will respond to my latest invitation by Jan. 1st.
Please tell your friends, and talk to cashiers everywhere you shop!
Volunteers are needed to help Valley of the Flowers Project grow, so please contact Wren at if you are able to add time and talent to this work.
Best wishes to all for a joyous and peaceful holiday season, and a healthy and happy new year!
P.S. GOT BAGS? Please donate clean, cloth reusable bags to the new Boomerang Bag stand at Heeb's or drop off at the 9th and Curtiss corner stand!


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